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Their four simple standards with the usual Little West Jarvens cakes

Talking about traditional Sundanese food, there are known to be  plenty of West Javan cake dishes that can be tested.West Javaha female It’s notorious for its variety of dishes that taste the fragrance, but that doesn’t mean there are no delicious special dishes.

In fact, West Java has many delicious and delicious traditional dishes, such as those that have become a favorite of many families. Not only does it damage the tongue, but the ingredients for cooking are very simple; the ingredients needed to cook are easily and cheaply available anywhere.

The manufacturing process is also not difficult, so it is very suitable for starters: there are many traditional dishes and dishes in western Java, and you can try the usual West Javan cake recipe of coconut and rice flour.

Of the dozens of sweet treats in West Java, there are four traditional cakes most famous and most needed by many. You don’t need a lot of romantic stuff to do, and the taste is so appealing to the tongue that the following is a complete review you can understand.

Colennette, the legendary sweet treat of Tanna Sunday

One of the typical dishes in the most popular west Java region is Colinak, whose general stands for the word “Dicocococol easy,” which means sugar quality It has something to do with the idea of rearing colenack cakes, a method that allows them to use and enjoy it by being beaten as browns or melting brown.

The usual West Javan cake recipe itself is very simple, and the variety of materials needed to make colander is simple. Coconut milk, 100 grams of coconut milk, 100 million coconut milk, and 100 million milk of coconut milk are needed only as major components.

Another component requires 50 grams and 20 grams of butter, and vanilla’s hand to make the smell of dough more attractive Also, don’t forget to add half a cup of tea, and if you’re ready, you can start making them, which is easy and quite simple.

To do so, chunks of brown sugar are mixed with sugar on a delicious meal in the middle of the heat. Mix, star until the brown sugar is melted and mixed with sugar, and then mix it with coconut milk and thank you for cooking until the water has fallen.

The last step in this normal West Javancape method is to bake the cassava tape. Butter on the entire surface of the tape It is enough to use enough, so you need to cook and bake until it is browned, and you are ready to enjoy the Colanach dish.

Enjoy sweet sweets

In addition to a simple collar cake, the tongue can be buried, as well as favorite traditional cakes.  One of the vegetables is also known as dongkel cake or rough cake, which is also very simple.

Visually, this traditional dish is similar to a hot cake, but the materials used are very different. Yes, this cake uses rice flour as well as coconut milk. And, brown sugar is produced simultaneously, and the shape of the cake is quite unusual, which is like a tiny tampon.

How to do this is easier now than Collanack: you grow rice, coconuts, brown sugar, brown sugar, and a little panda leaf. Young, you only need to prepare some salt jumping according to your needs, and make sure that the first step is to heat the salt-sprayed rice.

The steamed flour can then be shaped; a quarter of the form is filled first and browned to taste until the surface is covered Write it in sugar, then rewrite it with dough, repeat the three layers, and then evaporate with everything.

Using coconuts and rice, you can use a West German cake, making sure that the coconut is burned first before serving. There’s enough of a moment for the coconut structure that still exists, then Auwart Cake is ready to eat while warming up with family.

Surabi Unik Topping Oncom Khas in West Java

Sweet dishes are not just a symbol of West German dishes; salty dishes are also a favorite food in all circles Yes, Sarabi, Sarabi is not only available in western Java.

Sarabi is a versatile light, but what is unusual and very different in the Sundance region is the use of the top spots. If you have brown sugar or are often eaten with coconut milk sauce, it is not the same as Sarabi, who started emerging from west Java.

This West Javan cake and method are generally different from the normal Sarabi method, especially in the top spots. The top is the top, and this dish is obviously a little delicious with salt and salt, which is ideal for the audience.

It is also quite easy to make this cake, which is then used very simple, using rice wheat, as well as many other extra ingredients, such as wheat. Additional coconut milk, add coconut milk, and then add coconut milk to the coconut, baking it, and baking soda for baking.

Combine all the components and cook on a cane-free container until small holes appear on the surface. Sarabi can be covered until you start spraying and cooking the peaks, while still warm to make the mouth more delicious, but do it.

Misro as a variety of West Javan cakes and dining methods

Another well-known and favorite food in West Java is misero, which misro itself speaks in Sandanese: “Horn inside. It exists for “Amis DeJero,” which means “Amish DeJero,” which is the concept of a legendary dish made by the casava.

Generally speaking, this maisero is a fried food similar to food, a difference that tastes good in a cone of salt and seasoning If so, the mesava is actually sweet because it is added to brown sugar, of course, which is much less delicious than the salty version right now.

It’s also very easy how to do it, and after you need only 500 grams of cassava, it satisfies you until it is smooth. It also supplies brown sugar, combine all the ingredients except brown sugar and add salt to taste.

Fill the dough with brown sugar, shape them into oblong balls, then until the fry turns golden yellow on the outside or if you like, then remove and bathe.

Misro is ready to eat while still warm and sugar is fully dissolved.Now pick the traditional food you like You can choose and choose that food for people closest to you, try west Javan cake at home  and try the taste.

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