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Customer Benefits Using a Mega Bank Credit Card and Its Types

Not a little feeling satisfied after transacting using Bank Mega credit cards. As one of Indonesia’s leading private banks, Bank Mega also offers credit card accessories whose aim is to make it easier for customers to shop for.

The credit card itself seems to have become one of the most lifestyles for most Indonesians given that there are many noticeable benefits. You don’t have to wait for a monthly payday, in the course of shopping for necessities. That reason makes many people want to use credit cards for daily payment transactions.

For those who want to use using bank Mega’s credit card, of course you should understand the terms of the issue and how to use it. Simply put, having a credit card like this is like getting a loan that later users can pay their monthly bills.

Each bank has different laws on credit card ordering including Bank Mega. Therefore, in this review we will provide information about bank Mega’s credit card (CC) services. For those who want to try to use Bank Mega’s credit card usage, let’s first look at the full discussion here.

Faa’iidooyinka Isticmaalka Bank Mega Credit Card

This way of dealing on credit does provide many benefits for its users. For one, Bank Mega is often offering unique improvements and discounts when serving partner merchants with customers who use their credit cards. For those of you who love shopping at the Mall, it promises you to feel the benefits of this.

Not only that, Bank Mega also offers fasilitas in the form of CC Mobile which makes it easier for customers when they want to check transactions and invoices. The following are some of the benefits that will be available if you use a Bank Mega credit card:

  1. Ahee Bill

Make it easy to pay regular monthly bills such as monthly internet/WiFi bills, electricity, water,cabal TV e, BPJS and lai n. Payment  of monthly bills will be paid directly through a credit card to ensure that there will be no delays that lead to fines. With this advantage, it’s also a lot of time-consuming and effective, even you’ll also get points from mega Rewards.

  1. Mega Award Points

Solved by using a Bank Mega credit card , you are also eligible to receive a Mega Reward Score. You’ll get a 1 point for each purchase that sits on IDR 25 thousand with credit cards, valid for multiples. Well, the successfully accumulated points can no longer be applied to shopping in Metro, Carrefour, Coffee Bean, Robins and others.

  1. Top Up ahee

Customers can also enjoy the benefits of the Ahee Top Up center, which is top-up prepaid credit by auto debit. However, for those of you who want to enjoy this feature, you can first register using the 15 000 10 Call Center (PSTN) or 600 10 (HP). Fyi, you will still get reward points if you broker using this method.

Mega Bank Credit Card Options for Three Million Salary Options

If you are interested in using a Bank Mega credit card in a transaction, first find out which product is most suitable and consistent with a monthly salary. For example, here are some versions of Bank Mega CC that are suitable for customers with a minimum wage of three million:

  1. Kaarka Gold

The criteria for applying for an Ahee Gold Card must be at least 21 years old with an income of at least three million per month. The Golden Card is suitable for those of you who want to use the credit card for the first time with restrictions up to RP. 2 million.

  1. Platinum Card

There is also a version of the CC Mega Platinum Card with a restriction up to RP. 10 million, but the requirement is that you have a minimum income of 5 million per month. Recommended for those of you who love shopping and travel service.

  1. Travel Card

As the name suggests, this credit card is ideal for people who like to travel by plane because you can enjoy a range of free resorts as far as more than 800 awesome parliaments at the airport in Indonesia and abroad.

  1. Transmart

Love shopping in Transmart or Carrefour? It’s really mandatory to have a credit card because you’ll get a 10% discount and enjoy various attractive promos from both supermarkets.

  1. Silver Card

In addition to the Golden Card, you can also choose this type of credit card with no less attractive offers. Like tour & travel packages, flight tickets, hotel promos and many more.

Choosing the Right Credit Card Type

Controlling the use of Bank Mega’s credit card is not just the means, make sure you use it for your needs. In addition, you also need to choose the type of credit card that suits your ability to repay after installments because the payment system is similar to going into debt.

You get loans to a certain extent in accordance with the chosen CC version. That is to say, every month you are obliged to pay ins parts according to the provisions, along with mandatory yearly fees. Most new users pay little attention to stuff like this and use only CC.

In addition, choose the type of credit card that suits your abilities and needs. For example, for people who want to apply it on a regular basis every month, you can choose a Gold Mega Card or Silver Mega Card with a sufficient limit.

Bank Mega Credit  Card

Credit card use transactions are not 100 percent guaranteed that they can be safe, because security also depends on the user. For that, pay attention to the following key tips to stay safe when using ahee Credit Card:

  1. Online shopping on kalsoonaan karo song websites

Don’t shop online carelessly, especially if you’re being asked about credit card-related personal data. Not to mention that if it turns out that the site doesn’t have a high level of encryption/security, it could be that the credit card data you’ve been stolen by someone.

  1. Do not buy WiFi use in public

For security reasons, avoid credit card transactions using public WiFi, let alone free ones. This kind of action is very serious and can make you abuse the hackers.

  1. Do not store card numbers on mobile phones

Additionally, you should not store important information related to credit card information on your phone. What if the phone was lost? So it doesn’t rule out the possibility that they could offend others who want to make you happy.

  1. Avoid fake emails

It is not uncommon for CC users to receive an email where they have been asked to provide information about their credit card. It’s better to be more careful, sorting between emails that are official and which are not. the CC number is anonymous, especially in the encrypted where both cannot be informed by other parties including the Aheega bank.

Tertarik to use or make a credit card? Truth be told, there has been a sharp increase in many people who are interested in using credit cards because they are easier to pay for. Regardless of why, be sure to choose the appropriate type of credit card so that in the future you can transfer to a Bank Mega credit card comfortably, safely and without any constraints prevent you.

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