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Here are 4 BCA call centres that are operational 24 hours

If there are problems using BCA bank products during cross-acting, then here are 4 BCA call centres that are active 24 hours to help you find a solution. This is because problems in transactions must be reported immediately to the call centre. Because, all solutions to all barriers in transactions can only be handled by the call center.

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out in Indonesia, BCA branch offices in several major cities have implemented social restrictions. Therefore, the bank’s operating hours will be cut. In addition, the number of users coming to branch offices is also limited.

Therefore, it is advisable to contact the BCA bank’s call centre when you are having problems transacting. After contacting the call centre service, you then no longer need to go to the nearest branch office to report any problems experienced.

Call Centre Roles and Roles for BCA Bank

The call centre role for BCA Bank is quite vital. In addition to answering and accommodating criticism and suggestions from users, this integrated information service from Bank BCA also has another role. First, the call centre is tasked with informing potential customers about deposit products at Bank BCA.


There are many deposit products in Bank BCA, ranging from Tahapan Ekspresi for young people to Tahapan Futures for adults. Secondly, the central information service from Bank BCA also carries out its duties as telemarketers to find new customers interested in opening a credit card.


Call centers typically inform the benefits and requirements required when opening a credit card to potential customers. Therefore, these are 4 BCA call centres which also act as telemarketers to offer credit card products from Bank BCA.


Thirdly, you can also contact the information service centre from Bank BCA for detailed information on savings and loan products, such as motor vehicle loans (KKB), unsecured loans (KTA), to home ownership loans (KPR).


And fourthly, you can contact the integrated information centre service from Bank BCA to find out about products from BCA Syariah. In terms of governance, the Syariah BCA is managed in accordance with Islamic business law. Therefore, you can choose BCA Syariah which is considered more Syar’i and has an official active license from the government.

Here are 4 BCA Call Centres ready to help with all complaints from 24 hour users

To maintain customer convenience, Bank BCA provides an integrated information centre service that is ready to serve you for a full 24 hours. Therefore, you can still contact the service when you are restricted in transactions.

Bank BCA provides 4 integrated information centre services which operate for a full 24 hours. So, you can choose one of these 4 BCA call centres. You can contact all services from Bank BCA to help solve the problem. It’s just that the accuracy in handling the problems you face is different for each call center service.

In addition, the type of problem that comes across is also one of the reasons why the problem solving process takes longer. For this reason, here are 4 BCA call centres that are ready to serve every problem that we face. Among them are the following:

  1. Interactive phone

Firstly, Bank BCA provides an interactive telephone call centre. Users with urgent issues usually make calls over the phone. Because, the solution provided by the call center through an interactive phone is faster than other media.


  1. Social media

Secondly, BCA call centres are also available on social media. You can contact the BCA call centre by direct message (DM) via @halobca (Twitter).


  1. Official Website

Thirdly, you can submit a complaint or question through the official BCA Bank website. Here, you can ask questions and get answers straight from customer service. Therefore, it is enough to help you overcome hurdles when transacting or just requesting products from Bank BCA.


  1. E-five

And these are the last 4 BCA call centres and they are widely used by users. The BCA call centre can be used by email as an alternative way of submitting complaints or complaints about the bank’s products. You can email directly at the

complaints are often experienced by BCA bank users

In fact, any complaints experienced by BCA Bank users during transactions must be reported immediately through an official call centre. This is because only the official call centre of Bank BCA can resolve complaints experienced by consumers.


Therefore, you do not need to come to the nearest BCA Bank branch to resolve complaints or open new savings. You only need to contact one of the 4 official integrated information services managed by Bank BCA.


There are many complaints that can be handled through the call centre by Bank BCA. First, when your transaction, either debit or credit, experiences problems. Therefore, it is advisable to report the matter immediately to the call centre.


Officials from BCA Bank will then help check and find solutions to the problems experienced. And here are 4 BCA call centres that play a role in helping you solve problems in transactions.


Secondly, when you want to block an account because the ATM card is lost or there is misuse of debit or credit cards. This can be helped by a call centre from Bank BCA. Therefore, you do not need to come to the nearest branch office to block debit or credit card accounts.


And the third, when you don’t get the benefit of the promo held by Bank BCA. And here are 4 BCA call centres ┬áthat help you explain the promo benefits provided by BCA. In addition, the call centre will explain the reasons associated with not receiving promo benefits provided by BCA Bank.


Here’s How to contact BCA Call Center

It is very easy for users to connect to BCA call centres. If you want to contact the BCA call centre via interactive phone, you can contact 1500888 via landline or directly via smartphone.


If you want to connect via social media, you only need to send a message on your @halobca account (twitter) via direct message (DM). If you want to contact the BCA call centre by email, please send a message to email address. And if you want to contact the call centre through the website, then visit the page immediately.


Then, select the Wechat or Whatsapp menu. You can now contact the BCA call centre via the whatsapp application. And here are 4 BCA call centres that are often accessed by users when experiencing problems transacting or just discovering product information.


BCA is one of the largest private banks in Indonesia. To maintain customer trust and comfort, BCA provides call centre services to help you when you are constrained by transactions.

In addition, the call center is also responsible for providing information and telemarketing products from BCA. There are 4 call centers you can connect to, namely interactive phones, social media, websites, and email. And here are 4 BCA call centres that are often contacted by BCA Bank customers.

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