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CIMB Call Center, file a complaint using different platforms

As one of the main banks,  CIMB call centers can now be accessed using a variety of platforms.   Starting from conventional lines such as phones to the use of internet media. So customers can contact more flexibly using the  platform.

Various types of complaints can be reported directly to  the center ranging  from trivial things such as  incorrect data entry to fraud cases. Customers are advised to take advantage of this feature  as much as possible.   Don’t let it go when something unpleasant happens.

If customers actively participate in reporting such incidents, it will also be easier for banks to  improve services to consumers.   Isn’t maximum service the dream of all customers?   For this, do not hesitate  to use the CIMB Call Center to file a complaint.

If you feel that using conventional means such as a phone is not possible to forward complaints, use email or other digital media. If you use e-mail , capturing a picture can be used to clarify problems that cannot be conveyed in words.

How to contact CIMB Call Center using the telephone network?

One way to contact the CIMB Call Center is to use the number 14041.   The number is official from a bank that can be used by candidates and buyers to find information and file complaints.   Don’t mistake the number because it’s  potentially fraudulent.

CIMB Bank provides non-stop customer   service in full 24 hours for its customers.   Regardless  of the holidays if  there is a disturbance, you can  immediately make a report so that   the problem can be resolved. So customers will be more comfortable using  CIMB services.

Various problems can be solved without having to come  to a branch if you take advantage of consumer calls from the bank.   Starting from the obstacles that occur when making transfers or transactions, to the problem of losing an ATM card can be reported immediately at any time.

As a smart consumer, of course you will take advantage of this service  as much as possible.   There is no need to believe in deception if cimb call center will  reduce your savings balance when calling. You don’t have to believe this because it’s obviously a scam.

To avoid incorrect  information – it is recommended that customers directly confirm with the bank.   Currently, slanted news is often circulated that  is not clear  about the source, so as a wise customer you need to check  the information.

To make phone calls to consumers, of course, you are charged only at the tariff  of the network operator .   In addition, there are no more deductions by CIMB Bank for its customers.   Use this customer service to find the correct information about the bank.

Contacting CIMB Call Center from abroad

For customers who work or fly abroad, there is no need to worry about the difficulties associated with calling customer service. You can still reach cimb  bank using the specified number .   Simply call +6221-29978888 to contact the center.

You will immediately contact the customer service department to receive complaints or questions.   The cost of contacting the CIMB call  center from  abroad still  depends on the tariffs of the telecommunications operator  . Prices can vary from one to the other.

Calls from abroad will be placed on a special  server  by this bank. So don ‘t worry you ‘ll wait too long because of  the large number of customers making phone calls . If  the channel is busy, you’ll need to try  again for a few more minutes to connect.

Calls from abroad can also be felt at any  time within a 24-hour period. Cimb Bank has never closed the channel of communication   between  the customer and the center. So consumers can still find information  or file their complaints even during holidays or fixed working hours.

As for the quality of calls from  abroad, it once again depends on your communication provider. If you use a good service, the network and voice will also be magnified.   Avoid making foreign calls during bad weather as this will affect the sound quality and comfort of your service.

How to report customer complaints in the bank using email

Not only from the mobile line, currently CIMB Bank has also opened consumer services  using email. So, for complaints that need special details, you can take advantage of this function. It will be easier for clients to explain problems using e-mail media.

Before you can connect  to customer service from CIMB Bank, you only need to send an e-mail message  . The e-mail address can be used by candidates and clients to find information, as well as to file complaints about banking problems.

The email provided by CIMB Bank is an additional support for cimb call center so that customers with specific interests can quickly convey their problems.   Some complicated cases such as data entry errors and transfer cancellations can be easily reported using email.

All you need to do is attach     a screenshot  as  one of the evidence of system failure. This of course makes it easier for the bank   to   confirm the matter . So that without coming  to the branch you can solve the problem.

Responding to cimb bank emails is also very fast in minutes, customers can connect and get a response.  You don’t have to wait long, let alone days, to get a response email from a bank.   Customer convenience is a top priority so that you can transact smoothly .

Bank CIMB reaches customers using social media

Along with the growing trend of social media use – CIMB Bank also has an account that can reach customers.   You  can search for these social media accounts on twi tter platforms, facebook and instagram. So you can communicate directly with the bank practically.

Social media can also be used to report crimes such as fraud.   Currently, different regimes have been used by irresponsible people  on behalf of CIMB  banks.   If you know of such a case,  contact the bank immediately.

As  a cooperative customer, of course, you don’t want other customers to experience fraud. This will definitely be harmful and also redraw the image of CIMB Bank.   For this reason, social media has emerged so that it is  easier  for people to reach banks in a short time.

It didn’t take long for the social  media app to open compared to a contact with the CIMB call center.   Admin’s response from social media was also   quick because there was already a special officer who handled it. So  the exchange of information between the buyer and the bank can happen quickly.

In addition to being used to file social media complaints from CIMB banks, it also often provides important banking information. So there’s nothing wrong with following these accounts on social media to increase your knowledge.   There are definitely new things that can be discovered through the platform.

Once you know how to communicate with cimb bank, you will certainly no longer hesitate  to file a complaint. If you encounter complaints, report it immediately to CIMB bank because customer convenience is a priority.  Increase the CIMB call center function for your comfort and safety.

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