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Telcom 24 hours of complaints contact the center here how to contact him

The 24-hour contact center  is very important for consumers. It makes it easy to have a variety of complaints and complaints. In addition, users can ask some questions to explain the service to get it. But in fact, the service is not completely useful.

Some users won’t use it when experiencing problems. In fact, these users feel annoyed when the problem is felt. However, being unaware of how to connect to CS will be a major problem. Most of the time, some people feel embarrassed when they’re calling. You need to know that the way of thinking is completely wrong

Do not allow the facility to be wasted in the form of  a 24-hour   call call center  . If that happens, you will actually be in harm’s way. The perceived confusion did not end even though the confusion should have disappeared immediately while calling the call center. So, let’s see a comment from the call center.

Learn more about the Telecom Contact Center

The Call Center is one of the services that the telco offers to its customers. With this service, it hopes consumers can be facilitated to complete a variety of activities when you want to contact them. That’s why CS is available for 24 hours.

However, there is a difference when contacting   the Call Center  24 hours a  day while working with other hours. When contacted by the call center during work, the number of Available CS is too large. With multiple CS, all questions will be answered quickly.

Different things can be felt if contact with CS is performed in other hours. At that time, cs is less available. With this amount, it will take a little longer to save the phone. However, the time is not long enough to imagine.

You only need to wait a little while until the  24-hour contact center  is ready to serve. Another question that users often call this connection center is related to costs. Some people ask whether the cost of connecting to the client is free or charged.

It is emphasized here that connecting to the connection center will regulate the rate. The customs is based on the provider used. that the provider puts a more expensive price, and the customs will be more expensive. In addition to using smart mobile phones, connecting to the call center can also be done via the Landline.

When contacted by a landline, the cost is based on the earthline. Of course, these prices are obviously cheaper when compared to using a provider. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use the landline when contacting  the  24-hour Telco Complaint  Center.

Contact the Telkom Call Center by phone

The easiest way to contact your phone center is to use a phone. As explained, CS can be contacted by smart phone or landline. But please be aware that the numbers you use are different. When using a smart mobile phone, you need to call 021-147.

Before you contact directly, make sure your e-mail trust is available. There is no minimum amount of trust when you want to connect. However, make sure the trust is not less than 25,000. This amount can obtain the softness of relationships. This avoids keeping the phone from breaking halfway.

If interrupted, the call must be made in the face. If the trust is approved to be sufficient, contact the number directly via smart phones. When the bell is over, there is a help service that explains the features option at the  24-hour Call Call Center. To shorten the time, select Number 1.

By specifying the number, the service will be changed directly to Indonesia. After selecting number 1, select number 2. There, you will be directed to communicate directly with CS. Because number 2 is actually dedicated to complaints in the form of interference.

From there, wait to contact CS and you can file personal complaints immediately. If you use a landline, the number is 147. When a  24-hour call to the Complaint Call Center  is made via the Landline, the style is slightly different when using a smart mobile phone.

Therefore, no number options will be available when using a smart mobile phone. Connecting via a landline makes you direct directly to CS. It also makes it smaller. The only time needed is to wait for CS to be available.

Contacting it can be done through social networks

The main problem with contacting the call centre is 24 hours of complaints. There are conditions you need to contact when trust funds are not there and the landline is not owned. If this problem is experienced, connecting to social networks can be an option.

There are two social media that I’ve used. These two social networks include Twitter and Facebook. If you’re easy to connect to, it’s better to connect via Twitter. To connect to him, first set up your personal number.

Because, then the number will be asked. If you’re ready, sign in to your private Twitter account and contact me  after the official Twitter account. The account will use @Telkom’s identity with the property as most official accounts. To connect to it, you can dm or refer to it.

Basically, include the number of indyhome owners with the complaint experienced. In fact, instead of using references, it’s better to connect to them via DM. That’s why DM is much more special in nature. Wait until you get a direct response from the phone . This waiting time will not exceed 24 hours.

Usually, after responding, the telco will resolve the problem immediately. Also, submitting a complaint using a Facebook messenger can be a very similar way to contacting yourself when using Twitter. First, you need to sign in to your Facebook account.

Then, search for a phone  monitoring account and send a message via a Facebook reporter. In the letter, details of the problem are required along with the number of people requested. The waiting time is not more than 24 hours. Since it did not receive a direct response as a phone call, it was clearly necessary to rest when calling.

Contact the Contact Center while experiencing this problem

There are some problems that force consumers to contact the 24-hour call call center. But among these problems, one of the most important conditions is that the telco itself is the  largest signal service provider in Indonesia.

If the sign is problematic, you will be publicly harmed as a user. In addition, you also need to contact the call center when  there is  damage to my home-installed devices. If the device is corrupted, all services will certainly not be usable. This is very detrimental to those of you who have actually paid.

However, you should also contact the Call Center if there are questions about services that are not yet understood. You should know that having CS not only helps solve various problems. CS also serves to help users explain information about services obtained.

Do not allow you to feel harmed by a service you do not wish. If this happens, the real mistake is with you. If you want to contact the Connection Center, the problem must be resolved. After all, it’s  easy  to call the 24-hour communications center  .

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