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Know the Difference Between the First Media Call Center and the Contact Center

The presence of a first media call center from now on makes it easier for customers if they want to ask about our services. Of course, every large company must have a mobile phone number with which to communicate. Given that his work is very important for business trips to make it run smoothly without any kind of problem.

It should be noted that the presence of customer service is believed to keep the company healthy and very functional. The proof is that no major industry that until now has never had a service center, in fact, almost all of them already have them. With that you also have to know their important role in order for awareness to increase.

First Media is a company providing services in the technology sector ranging from cable TV, internet, to communications. This is to make it easier for society as a whole to meet their needs even though they are only at home. Now almost all residences are using wifi services, you know, it turns out.

Participating in technology and communications, the first media call center already has many professional staff. It has even penetrated all the major cities in the country so you don’t have to search the internet with difficulty. Our presence provides significant benefits to all internet users during WFH.

Well, in order to find out the difference between a contact center and customer service, we will explain completely in this discussion. Go ahead with our notes to find out what the difference between the two are, considering that many people think the same. Let’s go straight without further ado, here’s the full details.

What does that word mean for both?

Hearing the first media call center,  of course, a lot of people apparently don’t understand the meaning, you know. No wonder people are doing the same thing between the presence of a service center and customer service. From the first, the contact center itself is a relationship based on communication and customer service.

The service uses only a number of channels for the purpose of communication to run smoothly. The tools range from email users to live chat using social media apps through Instagram and others. Well, of course it’s very different compared to the presence of the word call center in every big company.

A call center can be interpreted as a chat channel between a customer service association and a customer by telephone. The system already uses advanced technology so incoming and outgoing calls can be easily handled. Guaranteed without any restrictions when handling problems or complaints from the customer.

Given that the first media call center also uses IVR or better known in General Interactive Voice Response. Where the software system arranges directly between incoming calls from different regions to match the problem. Direct community groups are differentiated to make services more convenient and time-saving.

The level of efficiency is very high because users are directly connected to local customer service in their regions. Without moving away from home, the community adjusts directly from the problem to the residential area. This is to make an incredible experience for all customers when using our services.

Differences between The First Media Call Center in Contact

Getting into the differences in how to communicate, of course, it’s clear from discussions earlier that every call center uses a phone line. All problems can be directly addressed by dialogue to provide better solutions. Therefore, our staff are confident of being trained to resolve complaints no matter how difficult they may be.

Every officer has experience in handling problems from customers, so there is no need to doubt it. In addition, all employees are directly supported by companies that can only enter high-potential individuals. The quality of serving customers over the phone is not necessarily possible for most people, even some difficulty.

All first-time employees of a media call center  are required to be able to resolve each complaint by phone only. Mutual competence is guaranteed to be possessed by every employee who is already professional in handling problems. In just a few seconds, an officer will help you if you have questions about the product, you can tell directly.

Communication centers tend to take advantage of the existence of digital applications that are now growing at a rapid pace. It is an undeniable fact that modern technology is increasingly making it easier for companies to communicate more closely with customers. These applications include email, instagram, facebook, twitter, and all the rest online.

The service center offers more services through the above app so that customers can access it more easily. Considering that almost all users of modern devices up to this time have access to social media. This is in order to bring the brand’s brand closer to the public so that it becomes more widely known at a more affordable cost.

Management in user complaints queue

The presence of customer service requires only one solution when managing incoming and outgoing conversations. Because all complaints arise from using only telephone line media without resorting to other means. As a result, customers are served faster by employees if they want to ask questions ranging from complaints to other things about the company.

The first media call center serves all incoming calls automatically based on the large number of officers in the office center. In fact, almost every minute there are incoming calls beginning to make suggestions, criticisms, or make complaints. However, it is all a good provision for business executives to fix shortcomings.

The difference with the service center is that it still uses the same tool, i.e. the app known as Omnichannel Queue. It can be interpreted that each customer will be served by waiting in line for the procedure. Of course, it makes one patient wait for a response if they use the contact center in solving problems around goods and services.

The software above also makes it easier for administrators to resolve a variety of complaints from lighter to more complex. Agents can also solve in sequence but it takes time compared to customer service spending. Is he still not satisfied with that fact? We still have some differences between the two.

Methods of gathering information about the problem

Well, the first media call center  located in every major city across the country also has an interesting way of gathering information. Because customer service, of course, has a responsibility to serve every consumer of a product or service. The only method used is to increase the presence of incoming calls.

The call center will provide solutions based on problems received directly via short talk while the call is in progress. Staff to record the issue of the complaint and immediately provide a solution. Accuracy in providing solutions is critically important to maintain comfort in user satisfaction in order to remain loyal to First Media.

Surprisingly, service centers that use software support can enhance functions through information logins. Agents can easily view problem information because everything is recorded by the software. As for the records to be kept, it makes it easier for companies to solve problems in a short period of time without needing the help of other parties.

After knowing the various variations above, of course, customers can now contact the customer service center on 021-25596000. In addition, it may be via email getting a quick response and response. At home, the first media call center still serves you to make it easier to solve every problem.

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