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Samsung Service Center Semarang Location  helps repair your e-products

Looking for a Samsung service  center location in Semarang?   If yes, then you are in the right place  .  The existence of the repair center will help you repair a variety of products from Samsung including Smartphones, Laptops, DVDs, refrigerators and  much  more.   It is guaranteed that the damage that occurs can be repaired properly so that it can be reused normally  .

Even if the electronic product you already have uses advanced technology, but the name of the handmade items cannot be avoided  by damage starting from the light to large scale.   if it is not repaired immediately, it is not impossible if the damage gets worse, right?   of course, you do not want various types of risks to occur.

For users who want to repair electronic items, there are two options whether  to take it to a regular serviceman or at an  authorized repair center of the company concerned.   If you’re the owner of items from Samsung, the existence of Samsung Service Center Semarang is definitely the best option, right?

We all already want to know that Samsung is one of the most   reputable electronics companies in the world, including Indonesia.   There is already a large selection of electronic products  that are  always expected of the fans. One of the excellent products  they have is Smartphone.

Although Samsung  is known as one of the  electronics  companies  that always integrates a variety of advanced and latest technologies into each   of its products,  but  that doesn’t mean you can avoid there harm, right?   That’s why the existence of the  Samsung Semarang service center  in the middle of society seems to be  the answer.

Samsung Semarang Service Center Location

Semarang is one of the cities  in Indonesia where it also has quite dense business activities.   Known as the city of Atlas, Semarang has a variety of business, entertainment and tourism facilities that are quite complete.   Not only that, users of items from Samsung don’t have to worry.



The reason is, you can easily find the existence of the Samsung Semarang service center.   Kehadiraservices n repair center  offers various  types of repairs for all damage  to the electronic products  you have.   For customers, here is the location of the Samsung repair center  where it is located in Semarang.

  1. Semarang Java Mall

The location of the first Samsung Semarang service center  is located in Semarang Java Mall. In this shopping center, you can go directly to  the 1st Floor Number 104 to find the repair center. Semarang Java Mall’s address is located on Jalan MT Haryono 992-994 Semarang-Central Java.

  1. Plaza Simpang 5

Meanwhile, for those living in the Semarang city area,  the existence of a service center from Samsung is located in Plaza Simpang 5 precisely on the 1st  floor Number 120, 121 and 136, 137 located on Jalan general Ahmad Yani No. 1 Semarang City-Central Java.   You can contact  this service center by phone on 024 8457040 And it can come from 10 am until completion

  1. Central Lamp

In addition to the above two service locations,  you can also get directly to Jalan Lamper Tengah Number 659 to be precise in Lamper Tengah,  South Semarang- 50248. As for the opening hours of the venue, it starts from the middle of the last 9 in the morning until it is over.  Make sure you arrive on time so you can get the best service or service.

Those are some options  of  electronic product repair centers from Samsung where you can go.   Before you decide to  bring your favorite item, don’t forget to bring  your damaged item  or warranty card if you’re  still  there to  save costs.

The Beginning of Giant Samsung Company’s Success

You already know the address of samsung Semarang service  center, right?   it feels incomplete if you don’t explore how  to start  the success of the South Korean giant of the company.  Diman has been very popular in various parts of the world, including in Indonesia.

Who would have thought that before it became one of the largest electronics companies  , it turned out that Samsung was originally a noodle company.  In 1938, the owner,  Lee Byung-Chull himself, sold noodles with a capital of  about US$ 25 only after the Korean  war  .   By  that time Lee Byung Chull expanded his business to the largest testual sexier and wool factory in South Korea.

Around 1970, Samsung’s new subsidiaries  such as  Samsung Shipbuilding, Heavy Industries, and Precision Company were finally established. During that period, this company began to invest in heavy industries such as  chemicals, petrokia until it grew into a large company where with promising sufficient  profits.  It has even become one of the largest companies in South Korea.

Meanwhile,  the company entered the world of the electronics industry in the 1970s where it began exporting  household electronics products abroad.   By the 2000s they began giving birth to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone that became one of the best-selling smartphones  so far.  In addition, they also sell a wide variety of accessories from mobile phones.

Advantages of Repairing Products d i  Semarang Official Service Center

Below are some of the benefits that can be gained if you repair products in the Samsung service center.

  1. Have professional technicians

For those of you who bring Samsung products such as mobile phones or laptops to the center of the Samsung Semarang service, don’t worry. Because they have technicians who are professional and trained.  In addition  , they have also been supported by the presence of sophisticated and current equipment  to provide convenience in the repair process of any damage.

  1. Using the original component

Most of the people are worried about repairing  their goods  because they  fear they will be replaced with fake components.   Obviously that would be very detrimental, wouldn’t it?   .  But if  you take it to an official place of service, then the trouble will disappear because it is guaranteed to designusing original  components  .   Guaranteed to maintain the performance of your items.

  1. Has a clear rate of repair

One of the disadvantages of repairing electronic goods at the point of service  is generally the absence of clear tariffs.    Of course, it’s just going to make you wonder, right.   however, if you use authorised services, there is guaranteed clarity about repair rates where it is adjusted for the type of fault.  So, there is no need to worry about having additional costs as well.

  1. The location is quite strategic

This is an advantage if you arrive at the Samsung service center located in Semarang.   With its strategic location , it gives you convenience to reach its place in order to save time.   In addition, it is supported by Semarang transportation facilities  that are quite complete.

Tips Before Taking Your Electronic Products To a Service Center

Before you take an electronic product to the service center, of course, there are some tips you need to pay attention to. Below are some tips you can use before taking your e-products to the center of the service.

  1. Check the damage first

The most important thing is to check the damage first.  You should recognize the types of damage found in  electronic  objects  such as mobile phones, laptops, DVDs or other products.

  1. Prepare important documents before you arrive at the repair center

If the damage cannot be solved on your own, it can be taken directly to the repair center.   But before that, be sure to prepare some important  supporting documents  such as a warranty card if it has not yet expired.   This makes it cost-effective.

  1. Be sure to request a repair warranty

Finally, if  your  product  has been repaired, you should not forget to request a reparation guarantee.   The existence of a warranty is very  important  because you can reclaim it if there are results that are not as desired.

One of the safest ways to keep your electronics from being damaged is to  take them to an authorized service center  .   Because there are many adverse risks if you decide a regular serviceman.   They immediately come to the center of the Samsung Semarang service  closest to where you live.