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West Java Goldfish Pindang Recipe

You don’t  need to go to a Sundan restaurant made at home with a typical West Java carp pindang recipe now to try the processed pindang carp. Pindang carp,  a popular processed sala h from Sundan soil, has a salty and slightly spicy taste that pleases people.

Fish is the most commonly fished food item for use as food. In addition to the salty taste, carp meat has a good nutritional content for the body. One of the popular foods is pindang carp from West Java.

The good news is that you don’t have to go far to try this western Javanese processed savory and spicy taste, you can already make this dish at home with the western Javanese carp pindang recipe  .  However, before that, know in advance how to choose fresh fish so that the taste quality of the dishes remains good.

Tips for Choosing Fresh Fish at a Market or Supermarket

To  get a good taste from this western Javanese carp pindang recipe, you need to choose quality  fish  . The nutritional content of this nutrient is very high and good if the quality of the fish is good. There are some sellers who rarely sell low quality, so you need to know the characteristics of fresh fish, here are its characteristics:

  1. Pay attention to your eyes.

The qualities of good quality of the fish dengan can be seen from the eyes. If the eyes are still clean and light in the middle with a black color, then most likely they are of good quality. On the contrary, if you have pale eyes, you can be sure that the quality is not good.

  1. The gills are red.

Before buying, you should pay attention to the gills. If the gills are red and look cleaner, it means that the quality is good or still fresh. If the gills are pale or slightly brown, it indicates a decrease in quality.

  1. When the scales are removed, they are bright and strong.

To see a quality fish, you can also see it from the side. If the scales are still bright and cannot be easily removed when pulled, it indicates that the quality is very good. Conversely, if your scales look dull and are too easy to peel off, they are most likely of poor quality.

  1. Aroma kokmaz.

The next step is to smell the smell. Fresh carp has a distinctive aroma and does not bother your nose. If the quality is low You can check from the aroma whether the smell is rotten or not, it can be determined that the quality is too low.

  1. The flesh meat is brightly colored.

The last step to see its quality is to pay attention to the color of the meat. When the flesh is brightly colored and looks fresh, it indicates that the quality is good. On the other hand, if it has low quality, the color tends to be dull and unpleasant to look at.

West Java Goldfish Pindang Recipe

Pindang carp from Sunda is a food that is loved by all circles, both adults and children. Having a delicious taste increases your appetite even more. In addition to being tasty, this preparation also has good nutrition for the body.

Making this dish is also not difficult, as long as you know how to do what is good and right. So, if you want to make this dish, here’s the Western Javanese-specific pindang carp recipe that  you can try at home,  and it’s easy to make.

 Ingredients to be prepared:

  1. Goldfish according to needs.
  2. 250 ml of edible oil.
  3. Moderate water.

Spices, which must first be mashed:

  1. A piece of turmeric spice
  2. Six shallots.
  3. Four parts of garlic.
  4. Pecans are only three.
  5. Two red peppers, which are first extracted from the seeds.
  6. One galangal segment and two pureed lemongrass sticks.
  7. Three pages salute.
  8. Three stalks of onion leaves are already sliced.
  9. A tablespoon of granulated sugar.
  10. Powdered broth to taste.


The first step is to thoroughly wash the fish from the flakes. Next, lubricate with salt, and then first fry using boiling oil. Do not forget when cooking the fish once back so that it does not crumble in shape. After cooking in the next drainage.

For the next step, mix all the spice ingredients and then puree them using a blender to make it faster. After that, use the oil that was used to pre-cook the fish to sauté this spice. Sauté the spices until they are fragrant, which attracts the appetite. Then add enough water.

The last step is to put the fish in a pan filled with spices, then add pieces of onion leaves to add a good taste. Wait until the spice is brewed, if necessary, taste a little first to make sure the spice is well absorbed. West Java carp pindang recipe is ready to be served.

Add Lalaban and Improvised Sambal

Sundan cuisine with  a typical West Java carp pindang recipe  is inseparable from lalaban and improvised pepper sauce. Likewise this goldfish is with pindang. Now to increase your appetite, let’s make an improvised pepper sauce, which is simple and easy to make at home.


  1. Four shallot teeth.
  2. Four pieces of pepper or to taste.
  3. Five hot peppers or to taste.
  4. A teaspoon of greased paste.
  5. A teaspoon of salt.
  6. 35 grams of brown sugar.
  7. A pre-sliced tomato.


It is very easy to mix all the ingredients, then puree them using a teardrop or blender. However, to make the taste of pepper sauce better, it is better to grind it using cobbles. After that, to make the food more delicious when the lalaban is prepared in the form of cucumbers, basil, eggplants and other typical types of Sundan lalaban.

Benefits of Eating Goldfish for the Body

In addition to having a delicious and salty taste, a typical West Java carp pindang recipe  with processed fish It has good benefits for your body. Goldfish is a type of freshwater animal rich in nutrients for the body, here are the benefits you can get when consuming it.

Avoid problems with the heart. One of the components of food is very good for maintaining heart health. The omega three content of goldfish is very good for the heart, in addition to normalizing the heart rate. Taking it twice a week can reduce the occurrence of heart failure.

In addition, there are many other benefits you can get when consuming, such as aiding brain development, preventing cancer, being good for mental health, and helping children grow and develop. Goldfish is indeed a species of freshwater animal rich in benefits for the body.

Making processed foods made from fish is the right thing if you want foods that are delicious and beneficial for health. So,  try the western Javanese carp pindang recipe  and complement it with lalaban and improvised pepper sauce.

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