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HSBC call center services for you customers

HSBC’s call center is very useful to its customers.

Increasingly, the services provided are constantly improving. However, the steady improvement makes some consumers often confused. Confusion was felt because the existing features were getting more and more. To solve the problem, contacting CS can be the best choice.

However, due to the large number of services available, HSBC not only provides a call center for its customers. There are a few numbers that can be contacted due to the problem at hand. Therefore, it is best to know in advance the service options and numbers of the existing HSBC call centre  .

Contact Banking Services Call Center

HSBC banking service customers are divided into several groups. However, the most common race group is superior. This is the group with the highest number of customers. This is reasonable given your use of features in general at no further cost. There are two numbers to contact top banking services.

The first number is 1500-700. This number can be contacted throughout Indonesia. However, those of you who are abroad will not be able to contact him. Once abroad, the number that needs to be dialed is 6221-2551-4722. Its use is not necessarily using internal rates.

Both numbers can be contacted at any time. That’s because, CS itself is active for 24 hours. Hsbc’s call centre availability for  24 hours is not only superior for customers. advanced banking services can also be contacted for 24 hours however, the number is definitely different from superior services.

This number is also divided into two half for domestic and foreign needs. For internal needs, you should call 1500-808. As for the needs when outside the territory of Indonesia, you can call 6221-2552-6603. In fact, there is another type of service that HSBC provides.

Fusion banking type. However, there are not as many users of this service as superior or pre-existing. But even if there are not many, HSBC call centres for fusion services  are still available to communicate, you can call 1500-501 this number is intended for customers in the Territory of Indonesia.

However, because it is not often used, no number is provided for consumers from abroad. In fact, the number is inactive for 24 hours. You can only call him from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Their availability is only on Monday to Friday.

Contact credit card services

In addition to banking, contacting the HSBC call center is also intended  for credit card purposes  , requiring your credit cards to also be divided into different types, which is definitely superior with the largest number of users. for superior credit card purposes, you can call 1500-700.

This number is used when in Indonesian territory. When outside Indonesia, call 6221-2551-4722. The number can be accessed in all corners and corners of the world. Naturally, inter-vocal rates will apply. Whether it is a number for external or internal, both of them can be contacted at any time.

That’s because, its CS is also available for 24 hours. The availability of CS for 24 hours is also available to sign credit card requirements. This type of credit card is a row above the premier. Therefore, there are fewer customers.

When you want to communicate with the HSBC Call Center  for a signed credit card  , there are two numbers available. these two numbers include 1500-800 and 6221-2552-6603. The first number is contacted for internal purposes while the second number is contacted for external purposes.

Both are also equally active for 24 hours. CS is also available for platinum credit card types. This is the highest grade type in HSBC. The number of users is actually not too many. However, platinum services are always a priority so customers don’t get frustrated.

The numbers that can be contacted also vary for domestic and foreign needs. For the interior, the number is 1500-808 while for the external, the number is 6221-2552-6603. Both are also available for 24 hours so platinum credit card customers can call at any time.

Credit card services are still other types

The most famous credit card service in a bank is definitely Premier, Pre, and Platinum. However, there are other services provided by HSBC. This service is for cashback credit card needs. Just like other types, there is a special HSBC call centre  for  these services, also operating for 24 hours.

The first is 1500-808. It can be contacted for internal service needs. While the next one is 6221-2552-6603. It can be contacted if it needs to be abroad. In fact, for credit card needs in general, the cashback type is the last type.

But in this context, there are often situations where other problems often arise. The problem cannot be classified into any of the above types. If you experience this type of problem, call 1500-808 when you are in Indonesia and 6221-2552-6603 when abroad.

However, the availability of such numbers is not 24 hours. Calls can only be reached Monday to Friday. Your time is only during working hours, which is from 07.00 to 21.00. If that time has passed, the customer will have to wait until the next day.

There are other servicesoutside of banking and credit card

In addition to bank and credit cards, there are still other services available. This service actually serves as a support for consumer convenience. The first requirement relates to personal loans. It is unlikely that a bank will provide this feature. Therefore, there is a special HSBC call centre for  these purposes.

But just like other credit card problems, the service is only available from 07.00 to 21.00. To contact him himself must be done on weekdays. For internal needs, contact 1500808*. As for overseas needs, contact us at 6221-2552-6603.

Naturally, there are tariffs abroad for a second call. In addition to personal loan purposes, there are also special contacts for application services at the moment. However, the existing HSBC call centers are  only intended for domestic needs. contact him at 1500-707. Just like personal loan services, you can contact him on holiday.

The service is only available Monday to Friday. Even that day, you can only call from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. This time it’s much narrower than requiring a personal loan where CS is available until 9 p.m.

If you look at the description above, HSBC is very careful in providing call centers. With these exact circumstances, any consumer problem will definitely be solved. So, be sure to contact when you encounter a problem. After all, HSBC’s CS call center is  always friendly against any complaints  .

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