West Java Karedok Recipes Are Easy and Delicious: Jerawat

West Java karedok recipes can be an alternative for those of you who like a healthy menu. This menu has become a fairly popular dish. Originating from the Sunda region, this culinary one consists of various ingredients. If you look at a glance the appearance of this culinary is almost the same as the menu of its kind.

The use of various types of vegetables makes karedok similar to other food menus such as gado-gado and the like. The difference with foods such as pecel is that the vegetables used are generally still raw. As in cabbage and eggplant lalap. As a traditional food it is very easy to find it in the West Java area. The manufacture is quite easy to do.

To make it you only need some materials that are generally quite easy to find. In addition to the ingredients are easy to obtain, many people also like these foods. The menu is very healthy because of the use of various types of vegetables. West Java karedok recipes are a healthy menu to try.

The simple process is to use a variety of vegetables by using peanut spices as sauce. This dish has a different taste from the menu of its kind. You can try to make it easy to taste this recipe at home. Its easy making makes an interesting menu as a meal.

Materials for Easy Manufacturing Process

The process of making this cuisine requires several ingredients. Both as the main ingredient and seasoning and complement the dish. The ingredients needed are several types of vegetables. In making it you need fresh vegetables as part of the dish. Among them are long beans. Its use is by cutting it to a small size.

In addition to long beans, you also need cabbage that has been cut before. Other vegetables are cucumbers, sprouts and eggplant lalap. You can add basil leaves as an additional ingredient. The presence of kemang in the recipes of west Java karedok dishes makes food more delicious.

For the amount itself can be adjusted based on the size of the portion. For seasoning ingredients include chili, garlic and most importantly red beans. Other spices such as Javan sugar that has been combed are also needed. In addition, boiled water is needed with lime mixture. Salt and terasi are added during the manufacturing process.

Spices such as kencur are needed in the process of making nut flush seasoning for karedok. Various types of spices are further mashed because it is a splash on vegetables. The use of terasi should have been burned first and the peanuts have been roasted. That way the taste of spices can be stronger.

West Java Karedok Recipes

The first step needs to be done is to prepare all the materials needed to make. After all the ingredients are available both main and seasoning, the next process is the manufacturing step. In making you need to smooth the seasoning ingredients first. The ingredients consist of chili and garlic.

Other spices such as kencur, terasi and Javanese sugar are also mashed. The seasoning is then added with salt. The process of smoothing various spices can make food more delicious. Next you need to add peanuts that have previously been fried as the main ingredient in making flush seasoning.

The recipe of west Java karedok dishes using peanuts needs to be mashed first. Mashed beans need to be mixed perfectly so that the flush seasoning becomes more delicious with a strong taste. You need to add lime water to add flavor to the cuisine. Next is to add enough water.

The addition of salt also needs to be done to make the food more savory and delicious. The amount of added salt can be adjusted to taste. After the seasoning is finished, various types of vegetables that have been cut before are included. Vegetables need to be mixed with flush seasoning until evenly distributed.

Presentation and Variety of Types of Karedok

This one speciality should be served with several complements such as fried onions. In addition to fried onions, you can also add basil leaves so that the food becomes more stable. As a type of typical food processed using raw vegetables, this cuisine has a crisp and fresh taste in the mouth.

West Java’s typical karedok recipes are included in the healthy type due to the use of raw vegetables. Without too much processing, the nutritional content in vegetables is still very high. The content such as fiber and nutrients from food is still very high because it is without processing. The types of karedok in West Java itself are quite diverse.

Some of them are types of vegetables, long beans and leunca. The difference between each type of caredok is influenced by the use of vegetables. For the types of vegetables used, among them are cabbage, long beans, eggplant, and bean sprouts. Other vegetables such as cucumbers and basil can also be added with the bench.

In the type of leunca only use leunca vegetables and basil leaves. While long beans only use vegetables with a combination of basil leaves. The type of flush seasoning used has the same way of making and ingredients. For the taste itself you can adjust based on taste. Whether it is spicy or other flavors.

Content In West Java Karedok Recipes

Because it uses raw vegetables, various vitamins and proteins in it can be absorbed by the body perfectly. Meeting the body’s need for proper nutrition is easily met by eating this one food. The type of nutrients is also quite diverse and much needed by the body.

As the main ingredient, nuts contain a variety of proteins and vitamins that the body needs. Other ingredients such as thiamin, iron and phosphorus are also good for health. Even these long beans also contain magnesium and vitamin C. For other vegetables such as bean sprouts have a nutritional content that is no less important.

West Java’s typical karedok recipe using bean sprouts has various ingredients such as vitamins both E and C. In addition, bean sprouts are also known as foods with low fat content so that various diseases can be avoided. The risk of diseases such as cardiovascular to hypertension can be prevented.

Another content in bean sprouts in the form of phytoestrogens which function in increasing bone density so as to prevent osteoporosis. If you like leunca, then the body can get various nutrients such as iron, calcium to vitamins both A and C. Other nutrients are also useful for the body.

Important Benefits of West Java Karedok Recipes

As a food with an easy manufacturing process, karedok turns out to store many benefits, especially for health. The use of leunca as the main ingredient can be used as an anti-bacterial to be useful in reducing the occurrence of diseases such as cancer. For people who want a healthy lifestyle but still eat well, karedok can be the right choice.

The various nutritional content that is owned is not surprising if it makes food very nutritious. As a typical food with a high nutritional content, karedok can be a healthy menu as well as a dish with the family. This food can also be accompanied by other menus such as crackers or rice so that the food becomes delicious.

A variety of fresh vegetables combined with peanut spices make the cuisine so appetizing. You can easily practice the recipe for making it at home using various types of vegetables. Making your own dishes at home, can help obtain various benefits.

Karedok is not only known as a food with a distinctive taste from West Java but also a variety of benefits for the body. Especially the main ingredients used are very useful for the health of the body. The content of the ingredients makes food becomes healthier. Recipes for karedok dishes typical of West Java besides easy are also healthy.

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