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Use mortgage simulations in the following banks

Before taking a credit loan, you must first be aware of the amount of credit that must be covered, you  can  use a mortgage simulation to be able to find out about the problem  . There are many banks that provide such services to provide convenience for anyone who wants to know how much a home loan is.

The need for a home is truly very important for anyone in the world. But to get a good home, the preparation of capital is not bad and not everyone can pay so much to buy a house. Therefore, this mortgage may be the solution for the lower middle class to be able to get a mortgage. Yet often those who want to take the mortgage feel hesitant because they fear that they will not be able to return the installments.

While in this simulation as a mortgage calculator, it can better prepare customers who want to take a mortgage so that they can figure out how much needs to be paid. Whether or not a fairly large amount of customers can disburse the finances they have to pay home loan instalments. All these things should be prepared with caution in advance.

Keeping in mind that in order to decide to take a home loan, this means that you must be prepared to borrow even a small amount for the rest of your life. Therefore, it requires different calculations and also preparation in different ways, including financial planning, once you have taken installments. Use mortgage simulations in the many banks providing this service, this is being explained here.

Many banks that serve mortgage simulations

The bank provides a mortgage calculator service to provide convenience to customers who want to plan to take credit to buy a home. Banks provide these services which include mortgage simulations from simulations at BCA, Fer Mandiri, BTN, BNI, BRI Banks, Maybank, Parmata, CIMB Niaga, Danmon, and UOB.

The first is the mortgage simulation from BCA. The bank is famous for its relatively innovative calculation of NY in interest vis-a-vis other banks. Because most Indonesians are quite sensitive with regard to interest, this bank provides considerable innovative interest, namely the presence of “fixes and caps”, and the presence of a “3-year interest fix”. This is to provide flower relief for the community itself.

In the “Fix and Cap” scheme itself, you will get a service in the form of uniformity in interest rates which can last for 5 years. The combination of the given flowers has a constant and maximum. Anyone would like to get a correct and stable amount, so this with BCA Bank  can be a solution to using mortgage simulations.

If you take this product, then within the first 1 to 2 years, you will definitely get a certainty of interest, and there is no need for penalty if you are going to return. With this scheme, it becomes a distinct relief for the customers, and among others the interest with the lowest value. Even on the basis of several surveys conducted, BCA is suspected to be interested in a very cheap price.

Bank Mandiri, BTN, BNI For K.P.R. Interpretation of simulation

The vast network owned by Bank Mandiri has reached out to remote parts of the island from various regions. Given that this bank is the largest bank in Indonesia, it will always provide you with less good services than other banks across the country. There are a few things that are an attraction in this bank. One of these is the  duration of using mortgage simulations  for a very long period of time  , it can also be up to 20 years.

It is very suitable in that time if you want to take a loan in the form of property goods. As far as interest scheme is concerned, Bank Mandiri definitely has a variety of interesting features as follows. That is, the presence of temple flexible and tiered installments. Both have their own advantages. In Mandiri Flexible, you can take a house and then determine for yourself how long and credit disbursement on each division. And for tiered installments, you can postpone until the third year as installments, installments become normal for the next year.

Apart from Mandiri, the bank also provides loan services for BTN home loans. In fact, this bank has been providing these loan services for a long time. This is a solution of the government to help people be able to buy a house easily. In this case, the facility provided to the government for low-income people is just a large DP of 1% value. It can get, as well as get an interest rate of 5%, it can be taken for a long time of up to 20 years, for this  there is no need to hesitate to use mortgage simulation.

Apart from this, you can also take this simulation to BNI Bank. The loan product provided by BNI is called BNI Garia which can be used for a variety of purposes such as top up, renewal or purchase, possession for villas, shophouses, e-man, cowling land, and many more can be used in this BNI griaya. Interestingly, the tenure given by this bank is able to reach 25 years.

BRI, Maybank, Parmata, are also no less interested in providing KPR services

Currently, BRI Bank is one of the largest number of banks in Indonesia. Therefore, this bank  is also no less in guiding them to use mortgage simulations for their  customers, along with two products that can be used in taking loans. that is, in the form of regulars and in the form of subsidies. Both are very suitable for use by BRI customers across Indonesia.

For loans of a regular nature, it is for the common people who have substantial income. Houses, apartments, etc. can be taken. In the meantime, in the type of subsidy, of course, it is used for those whose income is less than 4 million, fulfilling some of the conditions given.

And if you’re a MayBank customer user, there are two credit options that can be done. such as Maybank floating rate, interest free, and Maybank Plus as well. In floating rate, you  can increase  the interest rates right from the beginning of taking installments  . And in Interest Free, you will receive a combination with the savings account provided. In the meantime, at Maybank Plus, credit will be linked to the number of current account installments when using KPR simulations.

In Parmata Bank, loans are provided through regular and Sharia methods. You can choose both based on your individual  needs. The presence of an intelligent KPR in Parmata allows  you to enjoy an interest of 0%, and  also 75% as  a calculation while subtracting the given principal.

 Choose according to your individual needs

By adjusting the income  you receive, you can choose what items can be taken so that you can easily pay the installments later. Don’t just be tempted by the large loan amount, but how can you account for the loan later  .  Be sure to use the mortgage simulation and be able to make the payment according to the given discount period.

Keeping in mind that when deciding to take a home loan, this means that you should be prepared to borrow even a small amount for the rest of your life. Therefore, it requires different calculations and also preparation in different ways, including financial planning, once you have taken installments. There are many banks that provide this service, here is an explanationgiven in the affirmative

Due to the debt that you use to buy a house, it will be a big dependence in your life. Making preparations to be lighter in the covering installments can also be prepared as soon as possible. Especially for those of you who earn with average value  ,  using mortgage simulations may be more helpful in the future.

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