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List of the tallest mountains in West Java

Who doesn’t know the beauty of the  mountains in West Java? Her beauty can really surprise people. Therefore, West Java is one of the provinces of Indonesia. Compared to many other provinces on the island of Java, the outline of the land of this region turned out to be much higher.

Due to the presence of many mountains, it is no surprise that by this moment many people choose West Java as a holiday spot. The plateau of this province has an elevation of about 1000-2000 meters above sea level.

In addition to being elevated, it turns out that natural beauty is one of the things highlighted. It’s no surprise that there are also many climbers who  make the mountains one of their destinations in West Java.

There are many mountains in West Java, but some of you may be curious about where the highest plains are. Maybe it is because there are so many varieties so it did not understand it properly. There is no need to worry, here are some of the names of the highest mountains in the West Java region.

Sirimai Mountain is the highest in West Java

The first highest mountain is Siremai. So Sirimai is in Kuningen, Sirebon, and Mazalengka. Sirimai’s elevation can reach an elevation of 3,078 meters above sea level and is one of the active volcanoes. The top is on the lips of the volcano where it is quite soft and wide.

Climbers can use four official hiking trails. Each one of them definitely has their own difficulties and facilities. There are so many beauties offered by Sirmayi. From the natural scenery to the state which is still beautiful.

Well, for climbers, you should understand, which is the easiest track to use the hardest. Don’t let there be a re-sequo lateras you don’t know the area used properly. So, the most famous road on Sirimai is Bappa Tere Climb and one of the most unique mountain climbs on the island of Java.

Sirimai is actually ranked number one as the highest mountain in West Java  . As one of the tallest mountains, it turns out that in Syramai you can see the flowers of Edelweis while you are at the top. Of course this makes The Sirimai even more beautiful.

In addition to Edelweiss, there are also several historical sites for Indonesia at the foot of the mountain.  Even during bel’s colonization, it was discovered that the lingagar caste conversation building was at the feet of Sirmayi. This adds to the attraction of tourists who are curious about the beauty of Sirimai in West Java.

Pangango is the second highest mountain in West Java

The next plateau that can be found in West Java is Pangrango. Therefore, Pangrango has an elevation of about 3,019 meters above sea level, you can find it through the Bogor, Sukabumi and Sianjur routes.

It has been learnt that Pangrango Gade is included in the Pangrago National Park area and is actually protected. There is the Mandlavangi Valley which is always the target of tourists. In this valley you will see a beautiful expanse of Edelweiss.

As a tourist area where it was officially announced in 1980, Pangrango was frequently visited by tourists, especially mountaineers. Although many people like to climb, it has been learned that the first person to set foot on the top of The Pangerango was not indonesian, but rather German, CGC. Reverdt or in 1819 Bogor was the founder of the Botanical Garden.

In 1977, Pangrango was successfully designated as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO and this made its name more widely known by tourists. Many climbers want to see the beauty of the Mandawali valley and the spread of edelweez on this plateau. Ternya Ta Pangrango managed to grab the attention of many tourists, including  being part  of west Java’s highest mountain and occupying the number two spot.

Many people outside Java think that Pangaranga and Gede are a part, although this is not true because they are also opposite to each other. Pangrango is much higher than the Ged Mountain. But since the place is so close it is often considered a single name.

Gunang Gedde has Surya Kenkana Square

Well, as mentioned earlier, here’s The Gede Mountain. So this plateau is still located in the Ged – Pangango National Park area. The mountain has an elevation of about 2,958 meters above sea level and is located in front of Pangrango.

There are a lot of interesting things on the Gade Plateau  , where there are a lot of potholes that are still active. These craters are Wadden Crater, Lanang Crater, Ratu Crater, and New Crater. Well, there is an interesting place that always grabs the attention of tourists when it comes to Mount Gedde, named Surya Kenkana Square.

Do not imagine that Surya Kenkana Square is the same as it happens in some big cities or districts. In this square , you will be even more amazed to see the view of the Edelweiss tree where there are many of them. But, nevertheless, climbers are advised not to just take and idelweiss yes, because it is also safe.

In addition to the numerous Edelweiss beds on  the mountains in West Java, it turns out that Surya Kenkana Square is also often  used as one of the camp places for climbers. So you can enjoy the expanse of Edelweiss and feel the sensation of living in a beautiful place.

Since it is one of the areas of Gung Gede Pungarango National Park, there are a lot of fauna where it is really safe. For example, Javan Gibbon, Lutung Surili, Cheetah, Beul Slentek, and many others. So the beauty of the mountain in West Java  is still really well preserved.

See The Sikure Mountains in West Java Overseas View Sunrise

In addition, there is also Mount Sikure, which has an elevation of 2,821 meters above sea level. The locations of this plateau are in Sikajang, Byongbong and Dayauh Manggung districts. The shape of this sequin is completely cone-shaped and inactive. When it is at the top, it may be able to know that the area is flattened and not too large. ButI am not worried as there is a wake-up post.

Many climbers   have also come to Sikri to enjoy the sunrise. So many climbers say that the view of sunrise at this one place is indeed very beautiful as compared to the pesan lying on top of Papandyan. But the beauty is not right, as the top of the sikura is quite dirty.

There  is a fourth list of the highest mountains in West Java, but unfortunately, the summit is really dirty due to the vandalism of climbers where they are less responsible. There are a lot of writings that you  can get when you are at the top of the Sikure Plateau.

If you want to climb, you can go through the Siledag route which is something safe and official. If from Bandung, it is actually much easier to travel using public transport.  You can also continue through city transportation to be able to reach the climbing door.

However, as a mountaineer, it is strongly recommended that there should be no vandalism or littering. It is great to maintain the beauty of Sikura by enjoying the natural scenery alone.

As one of the provinces with high altitudes, it is no surprise that West Java has many mountains. Many of them have a beautiful charm that inspires tourists to reach out.

Some of them are even tourists from outside the province who want to enjoy the beauty of West Java. KAmu  can also try traveling to  one of the mountains in West Java to  feel the beauty of his beauty.

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